Lets find a topic to research!   

Where should you look for good sources?  Lets look at your options:

Databases Using FindIt will give you access to all the databases available through Long Beach Schools - information in a database is reliable as it has been reviewed for accuracy. FindIt

Search Engines - What information is available for your topic on the Web?  Remember it is important to review each source to decide whether the information is good information and can be used as part of your research. WebsiteReliabilityVideo

Books Excellent source of information!!  See what is available in print on your topic - look for your helpful and friendly librarian to help you 

Other Sources You may have learned about your topic from media (video, news, TV etc) these sources can be helpful as you gather information.  You may even be lucky enough to have access to a person with first hand knowledge of your topic - in that case, you may be able to interview that person for more information.

List of Steps to Success:

Task Definition Create a clear question that you want to answer

Information Seeking Strategies when using digital sources (database/internet) choosing your word searches is important. What words or phrases give you the most success when looking for information?  Sometimes using a broad search term (wolves instead of red wolves) can give you more information to choose from.  Try using different terms associated to your topic. (what other words can you use to describe your topic?)

Location and Access Locate your sources best fitting for your topic.  Find and extract the information you need.

Use of Information Look at the information you have found.  What helps you? What can you discard?  Use the information to answer your question and complete your project.

Synthesis Now its time to organize the information you have found and choose a way to present your findings.

Evaluation How did you do?  How successful was your research path?  Would you do something different next time? Did you discover anything surprising along the way?